Kerio Connect - SQLLite journal.db error

Today I noted that the Keio Connect mail server had thousands of error.log files with 75MB size filled up in the server. As always Google gave the answer.

The error looks some what like below.
[10/Aug/2011 10:49:35] SQLiteDbWriteCache.h: write_thread - file '/path/to/file/<user>/.journal.db', SQLite error: code 1, error SQLITE_ERROR[1]: no such table: journal_temp

The solution is as below

1. Delete the cache from the client's workstation
2. Delete the profile
3. Stop the server
4. Go to the server and navigate through the user's store folder
5. Delete the .journal.db (for Linux it is find . -name "FILE-TO-FIND"-exec rm -rf {} \;)
6. Start the server
7. Create a new profile for the clients workstation

With help from

Kerio Forum



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