Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nexus 7 32GB, WiFi + Mobile data + Unlocked + AT&T SIM

I always get informative mails first hand regarding new apps, features, devices etc, thanks Google for considering  . I recently went to Google Play and registered for the availability of the Nexus 7 tablet. I got the mail as below.

I have tried several times to purchase the earlier Nexus 7 tablet from their site and they have declined purchase. But on 14th November I got through and ordered the Nexus 7 32GB, WiFi + Mobile data + Unlocked + AT&T SIM. I had my fingers crossed till a few minutes back where I got the below mail from Google Play that the device is shipped.
So I am getting an Android device which is only less than a week old which has got a lot of rave reviews from across the globe.
I hope to get it to my hands the coming week.
Today's (19th November 2012) update, item on road to delivery to my US address.

At last I got it on the 8th day, the new Google Nexus 7 32GB, WiFi + Mobile data + Unlocked + AT&T SIM. I will make an un-boxing which will be my first.



Santhosh said...

It's little confusing to me.It says
Nexus 7 32Gb +Mobile data unlocked +att sim.
Can it be used with any SIM in India if bring that device to India?
I wanted to buy one, but not sure if the device is supporting cellular networks of India or not.


Anil said...

You can use the SIM provided you activate it with a roaming option which is very costly as per Indian standards.

Santhosh said...

I don't want to use the device with at&t Mobile data India anyway.

I wanted to knw, if it works with Indian cellular service providers like airtel, Vodafone or something.


Santhosh said...

Thanks a lot for the information.
I just wanted to confirm that.


Dhananjay Semwal said...

Is there any way I can connect this to HDMI tv port, and does it have the internal microphone, so that I can use it for video calling. Thanks in advance

Dhananjay Semwal said...

also could you comment in terms of comparison of this with the samsung galaxy tab2 which defenitely has more feature than this, like camera/calling facility and still cheaper than this. what makes, what is in this that one should pay more for this tablet even with lesser feature than samsung galaxy tab2. I mean just wanted to be sure that I am buying the right thing. since its google based so I am bit tempted towards it rather than samsung, and moreover for some reason i dont't like samsung. but still i need some valid reason to conveince myself to go for this rather than samsung which is cheaper and have more features than this

Anil said...

Dear can go for, their devices can give micro usb to hdmi conversion. They cost is around 70USD. I have not tried this and cannot guarantee that it will wor. Please Google for any more help for "micro usb to hdmi".

Anil said...

Dear Dhananjay..Both GTab2 and Nexus are different. Those of who like me who wants the pure Android experience can go for Nexus devices. You may get some advantages on GTabs2 for which it is better do Googling as I have not used it.