Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Doing an Oracle 11g database export to Oracle 10g remotely

Today one of our production Oracle 11g database server crashed due to some log file issue. I exported the data and tried to import to a test 10g server. The import didn't happen due to the dump file being in a new version. So i searched and found a solution. Thanks Google once again saving my day. Below are the steps to overcome that issue by remotely exporting the Oracle 11g database using the Oracle 10g export utility.

You need a tnsnames.ora file on the dump recipient server and add the remote 11g servers details and run the below command

userid=system/system@dbname full=yes file=dumpfile.dmp

Only make shure that you use the same version of exp as is running on your server.
E.g. Never run exp from 10.1 versus a 10.2 database. Also you should use the same NLS_language setting.


Unknown said...

can you explain it more in detail?? how do I get the dump server, how do I know the versions? where do I run that command? thanks

Anil said...

Dear Diego...Din't understand what you meant. For getting the versions please do Googling.