Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Importing from PST to Thunderbird

Import PST files into Thunderbird

I was using Windows XP and Outlook for time immemorial, still I was an admirer of Linux. Since I moved to Linux Mint 8 after finding that Linux had grown to a level where I can use it for my day to day office needs. Since then I was Googling for solution to import my 5GB Outlook PST file which contained my 5 years of work at the company. After Googling for several days then I found the right working procedure here at LinuxHardCore

Hope this will work for you as well.

Install readpst:

sudo aptitude readpst

After installation create a folder with the and gave the following command:

readpst -o ./mbox_format -r

1. The -o option indicates the directory in which the to mbox converted mails are to be stored. Please
note that this directory must exist BEFORE issuing the command!!
2. The -r option creates a separate folder for each of the mail folders found in the .pst file. I found this convenient since I did not want to import all the mails but only mails from specific folders.

Depending upon the size the export will take hours. I gave the command yesterday night before going home and when I came today morning the export was over.

After that you have to download the ImportExportTools.

Extract and install the tool, by selecting (in Thunderbird) Tools -- Add-ons and clicking the Install button. After restart you will find a new menu item under Tools ... Import/Export in mbox/eml format with various options (see attachment). Select the option "Import mbox file" and a new window will appear (see attachment). Select the option to indicate the location of the file or directory and the messages will be imported. Make sure you have a valid account configured so that the option to import and mbox file will be enabled in Thunderbird.


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