Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Linux Mint 8 - a great OS

I have been following up with the developments in Linux Mint for the last few months from version 6. It has evolved a to a great OS with a lot of free features/softwares that you have to pay more than $1000 if you are in the Windows OS. The version 8 which is based on Ubuntu 9.10 is superb and there is now words to praise the features.
It even has a PDF editor at your disposal ?????
I am using it on my office Desktop for the last 2+ weeks without any issues.I am using evolution as my official email client. I did DVD and CD writing using Brasero which is also a nice piece of software to mention. I managed to install emapthy today (will put the steps needed for that in my next post). Not tried that, hope to audio chat (GoogleTalk) with my Dad today evening.
Ripped a DVD to AVI which also is working fine.
I installed VirtualBox 3 and installed Elastix 2 Alpha and that too is working superb.
Managed to installed Skype and a Video/Audio chat with my Dad and Brother in India was a successful one.
I will install this on my office Laptop once it is back after repair and hope to use it in future instead of Windows and its head ache.
Forgot to mention one more thing. I have tried CrossOver Linux which is a commercial software which will allow you to install MS Office and other Windows based software also is a nice piece of software if you still want to cling to MS Outlook for your mails (I have my pre-Linux Mint 8 mails in a PST which I am researching on how to open or use it) etc.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention of CrossOver--we really appreciate it.

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-jon parshall-