Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Linux Mint 9 (Out at last)

I was using Linux Mint 8 for almost 6 months now. Even though I was a Linux enthusiast and promoted its use verbally for Server side usage very strongly.  I thought of using Linux as a serious Desktop system after my visit to Dar Es Salam, Tanzania last year where I visited a vendor for my official purpose and saw them using Fedora as a Desktop operating system. With Linux Mint 8 last (2009) December I started using Linux as my Desktop operating system and I enjoyed using it every moment till now with a very little exceptions with which I can very much live on without them. I was very much eager for the launch of Linux Mint 9 which happened yesterday night (Dubai time).

Have downloaded the RC which is available and is installing it now. As of now I don't feel that there is much difference other then the cosmetics as the team has tried to give almost the same look and feel of version 8 even though it is built on Ununtu 10.04 LTS. The boot screen is the same as Lucid but with Linux Mint logo and green dots. I had installed the OS in a VirtualBox system inside my Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 Laptop running Linux Mint 8. The OS looks light even on a 512MB RAM setting of VirtualBox.

I will update more later.....