Upgraded (re-installing) to Linux Mint 9

At last upgraded (re-installing) to Linux Mint 9. I wanted a clean install so I opted to take the backup manually and re-installed my official Toshiba Satellite Pro A300. Sadly so like the version 8, version 9 also didn't find my inbuilt Bluetooth adapter eventhough that doesn't bother me much. I will try may to recognise the adapter sometime may be. What I feel improved is the Software Manager which lets you install even Skype (which is not officially downloadable in UAE). It is a total make over which was very friendly and became more friendly now. It even has a rating system. I have installed OpenBVE which is a Train Simulation game which I liked and wanted to install on Linux Mint 8 but was not able to due to some library issues. My day to day official usage is mainly email and word/excel documents for which I use Evolution email client and OpenOffice.org. I can use TaskJuggler and Planner for project management. It is a Friday (holiday for US GCCians) and wife is cribbing, so I will put more details later.


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