Elementary OS a money mending hoax ??????

There is much hype about this so called Elementary OS. I have been a regular visitor to the site. The techno blog OMGUbuntu was also closely following the developments. I have even paid $10 as donation as I always does for OpenSource projects. They had put a very good timer in their site. I had yesterday night 2AM my time (UAE Time) checked and there was 3 hours as countdown. Today morning I tried the site and it started showing almost 31 days as countdown. This I feel  is cheating users like me who have donated and other normal users also. Even the OMGUbuntu site also is not loading and it shows some web 2.0 interactive shell as the page. They should show an apology or some information on the site if there is a delay. I clearly feel something fishy here. Let's wait and see what happens !!!!!!


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Lu is Me said...

I felt the same this morning but I managed to enter in the site using the cache thingy.

Vishwanath said...

Hi, Anil! This is Prof. Vishwanath. Is there a way to get in touch with you?

I searched around in the website but couldn't find any method of sending you a message.

I want to interact with you over a proposal. Please mail me on transformhumanity AT gmail DOT com.