Saturday, June 25, 2011

Congress another East India Company

By the recent comments of Congress so called leader' comments I feel that now we are being ruled by another East India Company headed by an Italian head. Congress didn't came to power by getting 100% votes of Indians. They came to power only with a section of Indians and is clinging on power with lot  of fragile partners. Even after so many scams and bribery cases the so called dummy Prime Minister is doing what by keeping mum.  Anna Hazare and every Indian like has the right to protest at the way Congress and its allies looting India. India has become a country where no one without a gun can live. Not even small girls who are less than 2 years are also not spared of rape. Police personal deeply involved in extortion, money laundering and controlling mafia. middle level families and poor cannot live peacefully.

I think time has arrived where in the second independence from within ourselves has to be started as soon as possible to contain all these to save our country.