Vodafone Webbox

Vodafone Webbox

Telecom operator Vodafone is planning to launch a device called Webbox in India soon. Webbox was first announced in February this year in South Africa, and now it is coming to India.

According to TelecomTalk, Webbox is currently in testing phase in Kerala circle of Vodafone and will be officially announced in the coming days.

What is Webbox:

Webbox is a Vodafone designed product to bring internet connectivity to normal televisions. It is a Android powered QWERTY Box that uses standard RCA connectors to plug into the television. With no set-up required, the plug and play keyboard converts any standard domestic television into an internet portal.

Pricing: Webbox when launched in SA was priced at 750 Rand, which is approx INR 4800. So expect a pricing similar to that. This pricing is likely to include free data, and validity to use the service.


Android 2.1
Opera Mini Browser
Vodafone UI
SD Card support
HVGA output
EDGE connectivity
FM Radio


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