Anna Hazare eccentric old man for fighting Janlokpal Bill ??

I today heard in the day some statements from a minister that "a old eccentric man alone is protesting against law", the minister forgot that one old man in 1947 alone waged a war to drive East India Company from India. So this minister has to call Gandhiji an eccentric old man. By saying this words the minister and his Government acts as a modern East India Company (Government). He should think that even if a single citizen blames the Government then it has to be taken seriously and not dismiss it as madness

Then the Government itself is MAD. The way they acting now shows that they have become mad due to the fear of getting their head under the law for their looting of our country.

All of us has to go with Anna to fight against this crime against corruption and looting our country.

Jai Hind


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