Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework (SCF) launched

The Asterisk SCF Mission Statement
Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework (SCF) is a highly-scalable, distributed, extensible open-source communications platform and application suite.
Asterisk SCF Goals
  1. Scalability
  2. High Availability and Fault Tolerance
  3. Extensibility
  4. Performance
Asterisk SCF Is
Asterisk SCF is a collection of fine-grained software components that focus on very specific functional tasks using a message-oriented and distributed architecture. Asterisk SCF provides a flexible deployment model, taking advantage of modern multi-core processors and operating across servers in multiple locations. Asterisk SCF provides a set of building blocks for communications applications, interfaces and services.
Asterisk SCF Achieves
Asterisk SCF achieves interoperability between a wide variety of of extensible voice, video, and data communication technologies using an extensible set of Media, Channel, Routing, Bridging and Discovery Services.
Asterisk SCF Works
Asterisk SCF works by creating fined-grained components that interoperate via a publicly-defined messaging API, where the opportunity exists at many points for new components to interject themselves into the system, either as replacements for other components, intermediaries between components, or observers of the system interactions.
Asterisk SCF defines a wide array of publishable events, as well as hook mechanisms for altering the operation of individual components. Configurable Discovery Mechanisms in Asterisk SCF are designed to ensure that new technologies and components can be rapidly integrated.
Scalability in Asterisk SCF is achieved by supporting load-balancing among the various system components. With each major function implemented in its own software module, users can make, during deployment, resource allocation decisions based on specific needs.


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