Create Great looking diagrams -

I was looking for an online diagram creating tool. Came across where I could create actually great looking diagrams without much of learning curve. The tool is
1. Very easy to use
2. Has drag and drop of elements to your diagram
3. Collaboration (which I have not tested).
4. Works from anywhere on a browser with Internet connection (I used it in Google Chrome on Linux Mint 10)

When you click on the "Try it now" a new screen will open as below.

You can either create a blank page to create a diagram from scratch or select from a bunch of samples and work on them to create one for your requirement.

There are options to export the diagrams you created to SVG, JPEG, PNG and XML format once you register for free on the website. Once you register you can save the diagrams that you created in the site itself and retrieve it at a later time by logging into the website. I made three diagrams and it was real easy and simple. The site has two kind of paid usage which you can see at the site itself. - Gliffy's Home - Easily create professional-quality flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings, and more!


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Rohit said...

Hey Anil, have you tried LucidChart as well? If collaboration is important to you, I'd recommend it. It's much more like Google Docs collaboration (real-time) which Gliffy doesn't have.

Anil said...

@Rohit Dear Rohit - Both are different products. Gliffy is a diagramming tool like Visio where as LucidChart is a flow charting utility which can do little less diagramming also. I had looked into Lucidchart and liked Gliffy for its simplicity and it is a matter of personal liking.

Nishadha said...

I personally use Creately, I have only used it for flowcharts and some infographics, but by the looks of it has support for many other diagrams supported by Visio.

Anil said...

@Nishadha Thank you very much for the comments. Please do put such creative comments in future also.

Matthew said...

I've used Gliffy, Creately and LucidChart. LucidChart can do all the same diagram types as Gliffy and the real-time collaboration which Rohit mentioned is killer. Lucidcharts also has Visio import and export which I've found useful on occasion when working with clients.