Pogoplug Cloud - 10GB of Storage Free For Life for CNET Members! (few hours left)

Sorry I forgot to post the link and here it is http://www.cnet.com/2748-32333_1-1338.html

Pogoplug Cloud provides users with a secure online space to store personal content and instantly share and stream it to your mobile devices. For 3 days only, CNET users will get double the storage--10GB--free for life. Here's what you can do with your 10GB Pogoplug Cloud
  • Store: Automatically upload photos and videos from your mobile phone to your Pogoplug Cloud--no sync required.
  • Share: Instantly share anything in your cloud through email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Create shared folders and collaborate with friends and colleagues.
  • Stream: Stream HD videos, photos and music from your Pogoplug Cloud to your phone.

  • Offer details: Offer is fulfilled by Cloud Engines Inc., a CNET Premier Partner. Offer is valid until 11:59PM PT on 11/16/2011 Cloud Engines Inc. is not responsible for any typographical errors on this webpage. Offer open to all CNET Members.
    NOTE: This offer is from Pogoplug to Cnet subscribers. I am not in any way associated with both of them. So please don't make me liable for any losses you incur because of any eventualities.


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