vesamenu.c32 Not a COM32R image on booting from USB Flash - Linux Mint

I have been recently faced with "vesamenu.c32 Not a COM32R image" error lot of time while booting Linux Mint bootable USB flash made using "Startup Disk Creator" and had no clue what to do. I was thinking that this is due to USB drive space issue or physical problem itself. Then I jumped on to the Google surf board and found a single word correction to solve the issue. Thank you for all you guys who relentlessly try to solve these kind of trivial issues for us.

The procedure follows. Once you finish making a USB flash bootable via the "Startup Disk Creator".

go into the "syslinux" folder.
edit the "syslinux.cfg" file.

change "default vesamenu.c32" to "default live" and everything should be working fine now.


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Quinn said...

This worked perfectly for me, too. Thank you!