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Smart Phones - A layman thought and experience

I have been following up with the smartphone arena for the last few years now. 

I got a smartphone from Samsung (Galaxy I5700) so that I can boast that I also have a smartphone which was fitting my budget as I didn't want to shell much money for a phone. A phone to me basically is to communicate and not to do other things like taking photos playing games etc. Back to my smartphone (Samsung I5700) which I purchased was very slow in responding for even making the calls. When I select the dialer itself was taking almsot 30 seconds to one minute to load. After dialer loads pressing each and every number was taking the same time. Then I contacted the local distributor Eros Electricals, Samsung and Google in vain. I have sent hundreds of faxes and calls for almost two months and I lost interest and kept the phone in the original packing in my shelf. More than a year after purchase I thought I will sell the phone, meanwhile over the web I studied about rooting modding etc. Thought of trying my luck and rooted the phone from the famous forum. The phone started working much better than the original firmware. Then every day I started trying new ROMs. By that time I lost passion for a smartphone and had again kept it for another year. One day when I was about to sell it my wife told me that she will use it. From that day onward she is using it, only for calls and has not complained. I purchased a Nokia dual sim C2-03 which even though was not a smartphone but was serving my purpose of making calls smoothly, doing my calendering, reminders, sms etc.

I can very clearly say that none of the smartphone in the market is capable of making calls in a simple way, even though they can do other tasks in much better ways version after version. The so called smart phones even though have the word phone at the end, the usage is very tiresome to make calls even on the higher end ones. I am die hard fan of Google technologies for the reason that they give some of their things free have found Android much more difficult than iPhone in the matter of making calls. I strongly think that all the smartphone manufacturers be if software or hardware should think or start from the basics of making and receiving a call simpler. Moreover the smartphone makers are not taking into consideration the big market of average users who wants smartphone but are not able to afford them. Even if there are a lot of them but very sorry to say that are all incapable of calls as well as other tasks. I recently read an article in a technology blog that Broadcom is building a chip to make smartphones for $150 or less that can perform as good as their higher end cousins. I don't think that the basic phone usage will still be difficult even though the smartphone are sold for less than $150 until and unless the architecture of the underlying operating system is not not changed to do basic phone tasks easier. I have read about Mozilla Group making some phone OS which works entirely on HTML5. The demo seemed to be promising for basic phone tasks but how far it will go towards achieving the goal is yet to be seen. Even the Ubuntu on Android is also in the direction of putting the desktop OS on top of Android but not on the basic phone tasks.

Hope that someday somebody will understand and make a smartphone which does the basic phone tasks first and other tasks as well.


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