ITIL V3 Foundation - Passed

Thank GOD for helping me pass the ITIL V3 certification with a score of 82%. I thank Mr. Satish Kumar, Trainer at Executrain for the great knowledge transfer that he had provided with just 3 full day class. The ambiance of the course (the classroom, the staff, tea breaks, lunch etc) were very nice. The course material was also very good with practice exams. ITIL Campus is a great resource to take mock exams which helped me to test my knowledge of ITIL before the exam. Taruu has some great concise article on the entire ITIL V3 Foundation.


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Adarsh said...

Hi Anil,

Are the questions in the exam of similar difficulty to the official mock exam or closer to the ITIL campus exam?

I am also using ITIL campus but official exams seem harder.

Anil said...

Dear Adarsh, GOD played the biggest part in my success as always as I believe in him always. As you know the main criteria for the ITIL is to understand the subject very clearly which my trainer had done perfectly is one of the reason that I passed. I did the mock exam at ITIL Campus on the day that I was going to take the exam. The questions are very much similar to that of ITIL Campus. Study the subject take the mock exam and face the exam you will pass.

May GOD help you.

Anil Kumar