Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to use a webcam to record video in Youtube

YouTube supports both direct webcam uploads using the Record from webcam feature as well as webcam videos created using software on your computer. If you recorded a webcam video using your own software and want to upload it to YouTube, view these tips on how to properly format your webcam file before uploading to YouTube.
Record from webcam (
You can record a webcam video on YouTube and upload it directly to the site. Click the Record from webcam box on the upload page, or simply go to

You must do the following to ensure that the YouTube Record from webcam feature works:
Log into your YouTube account
Ensure that you have a working webcam built into or connected to your computer
Select allow if asked to permit YouTube to access your camera and microphone
Once you have taken these preliminary steps, you can easily record and publish your webcam video.
If you don't see a picture in the record section, you may need to choose a different video source from the video drop down in the Record Video window.
Once you see a picture coming from your camera, click the Ready to Record button to start recording your video.
When you're finished recording, click the red stop button.
You can preview your video before uploading by selecting the Preview button in the recording window.
If you are satisfied with your preview, click Publish to upload your video, or select Re-record to start over.
When you click the Publish button, your video will automatically be uploaded to YouTube and begin processing. You can edit information about the video by going to your My Videos page.