BSNL offers dial-up Internet free

I came across this offer while I was digging the Internet. Even though dial-up is long dead for all of us, it still can be used for in very desperate situations. The only issue here is to have a dial-up modem or fax modem connected to your PC which is very much unheard of almost across the world.

For this you need to have a BSNL telephone connection, a modem equipped PC or laptop. Once the modem is connected to your telephone socket in the wall. You have to create a dial-up account using the article here at Microsoft. Against “User name” or “User identification,” enter your telephone number preceded by the STD code minus the zero (for example, if you live in Chennai and your phone number is 23456789, your User ID is 4423456789). Against “password,” enter your telephone number (example 23456789). You are all set to browse the Internet through the all-India dial-up number 172222. This dial-up speed is much better speed than the 2G and 3G Internet that is offered by most of the providers in India as far as my experience is concerned. For this you pay local call charges for the duration of the surfing, but this is much less at off-peak hours.

**Please make sure to check with local BSNL office before using this service. I am not at all responsible for any charges you incur due to the usage.


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