Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Result of second course of GM Diet

Sorry for late updations....I had the second course of GM Diet and I am 5 Kilos lesser than what I was 2 months back (i was 115Kg).
I feel that it is a proven solution. I tell this to a lot of people but they don't to take this dieting as it involves eating raw vegetables.
Also started using stairs to my office and flat instead of using lifts. so almost 12 floors i walk every day up and down.
Hope I will reduce some more weight in some more months ahead.


Anonymous said...


do you give yourself a break b/w , the 2 gm diets, i mean after 7 days, do you start again immediately or after some time.


i would like to lose weight too....

good luck


Anil said...

I have been following the diet for the last 1 year plus and follow it once in a month. If you follow strictly then you will definitely loose 4-5 kgs. But if you are lenient to yourself then maybe 2-3 or less. I am right now 98kgs from 117Kgs. Yesterday I started another course and hope to be below 95kgs by coming Saturday. If you have not done this and think of starting this. Then you should have a strong will to do so. The chances that you may stop in the 1st or 2nd day is high. After the course of 7 days you have to stop eating too much or heavy foods at night which will maintain your weight.